Arena Animation Jayanagar,which is the Animation, Web designing, VFX & Multimedia education arm of Aptech Ltd was established in 1996 with the sole purpose of creating trained manpower to serve the requirement of the creative industry. Arena Animation has successfully trained more than 9,400 students through its career-oriented courses so far.

A gigantic extinct animal taking us centuries back….. an animated ice –cream screaming for attention.. an action hero performing mind blowing stunts.. we have watched all these scenes, experienced the thrill they create and wondered how human imagination can be translated into such fantastic imagery. This is the magic of animation. Be it special effects in movies, imaginative advertising, exciting virtual games or quite simply a cartoon film, animation is gaining its ground in the global entertainment industry. And is growing at an animated speed!!

Today, TV channels bring awesome animation into our homes & the film industry is bringing out fantastic films every week. According to a report by Research & Markets, the estimated size of the Indian animation industry is US $247 million, growing at 15-20% per year. At the same time, the market outside India is much bigger & Indian companies work on outsourced international animation projects as well.

Such a huge & growing industry requires thousands of skilled, trained people to work in animation studios, ad film & VFX companies, video processing & editing studios, and othersand Arena Animation does just that!

Arena Animation Arena Jayanagar, with its 8500 sqft state-of-the-art infrastructure in the heart of Garden City, offers world class training facilities in the field of animation, filmmaking, VFx, gaming, multimedia & web designing. The students are trained on the latest cutting edge technologies through higher end systems in the environs of spacious labs and classrooms.Arena Animation closely works with industry experts and top-notch animation companies to provide students with the best industry exposure. The curriculum is continuously scanned and upgraded to prepare the students to use the latest tools and technologies. Students are taught through simulation and real time project oriented exercises to facilitate the learning of latest trends and techniques so that they can take on the animation world with vigor and passion. It is also the only centre in Karnataka to have an exclusive library room for student reference and more importantly the only centre to have advanced studio setups for Animation and SFX. It is the first centre to start its operations in South India and has now reached a stage where we can say Arena, Jayanagar students are the most preferred professionals in the industry.

Why Arena ?

At Arena Animation Jayanagar, we believe that any education is incomplete if it is not able to fetch a professional career which can change the life of a candidate. In other words we believe in 100% job assurance to any student who joins here to do a career course. This is achieved by the team Arena consisting of extremely talented, trained and experienced teachers, admin staff and encouraging management. Read More

our vision

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our mision

Our aim is to provide a wholistic education in the field of graphics, web, animation, VFx and Gaming with a great stress on basics so that students trained at Arena Jayanagar are the most preferred professionals in the media and animation industry.