Animation Film Making - [DAE]

Digital sketching with Sketchbook Pro/ Adobe Photoshop Principles of animation & their application Stop motion animation Photographic techniques Concept art & inspirational sketches Acting & voicing for animation Visual scripting with film language 3D character animation

Duration : 30 months, 5 semesters. Intensive 2D & 3D animation film making course.

Those who have completed Class 12 are eligible to apply

Animation Drawing & Design Fundamentals

This semester develops creativity & drawing skills for animation through study of design, anatomy, light & shade and perspectives, along with the study of Basic Animation Principles & timing for animation.

  • Basic shapes & sketching techniques
  • Anatomy drawing
  • Body language & expressions
  • Light, colour & perspectives
  • Digital sketching
  • Animation concepts
  • Process of animation
  • Principles of animation
  • Timing for animation
  • Magic with Photoshop
  • Photographic techniques
  • Stop motion animation

Software taught :

Alias Sketchbook Pro 2 / Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended

Animation Design & Pre-Production

This semester concentrates on various concepts, techniques & design for animation. Development of ideas into concepts, scriptwriting for animation, character designing, concept art, acting & voice characterization, visual scripting using film grammar, drawing storyboards and creating animatics - are all included. Students prepare an E-project which includes pre-production of an original concept of 30-60 seconds’ duration.

  • Concept design, development & storytelling techniq
  • Scriptwriting for animation
  • Character design & development
  • Concept art & inspirational sketches
  • Acting & voice characterization
  • Visual scripting with film language
  • Storyboarding for animation
  • Storyboard to animatics
  • Basics of video editing
  • E-Project

Software taught :

Drawing & Adobe Photoshop CS4 / Sound Forge 9 / Adobe Premier Pro CS 4

2D Classical Animation Production

In this semester, students apply their knowledge of drawing & concentrate on 2D Classical Animation Production - drawing keyframes, in-betweening, clean-ups, line testing, digital ink & paint to 2D Digital Post-Production by adding dialogues, sound effects, background music & final editing.

  • Concepts of 2D, Cel & limited animation
  • Keyframing, inbetweening & cleanups
  • Digital ink & paint
  • Animation scene planning
  • 2D animation post-production
  • Showreel development

Software taught :

Toon Boom Studio 4 / Macromedia Flash CS4 Professional

3D Animation Production Process

This semester concentrates on the process of 3D animation production. Various aspects of 3D animation production are covered - including 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, character animation, lighting & final rendering.

  • Clay modeling
  • Modeling with Maya
  • Advanced modeling
  • Texturing with Maya
  • Rigging with Maya
  • Character animation with Maya
  • Lighting & rendering with Maya

Software taught :

MAYA Unlimited 2009 / Zbrush 3

Post-Production & Animation Specialization

This semester concentrates on post-production process in animation & allows students to effectively use the knowledge gained in the earlier semesters to develop a professional Show-reel with specialization in 3D Character Animation.

  • 3D dynamics – hair, fur & cloth
  • Concepts of visual effects
  • Introduction to Motion Capture for animation
  • Post-production for animation
  • Show-reel development – 3D Character Animation

Software taught :

MAYA Unlimited 2009 / Motion Builder 7.5 / Adobe Premier Pro CS4 & Combustion / Final Cut Pro

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