Animation Industry

Animation can be used to inspire, educate, inform & entertain.

A gigantic extinct animal taking us centuries back, an animated ice–cream screaming for attention, an action hero performing mind blowing stunts, we have watched all these scenes, experienced the thrill they create and wondered how human imagination can be translated into such fantastic imagery. This is the magic of animation. Be it special effects in movies, imaginative advertising, exciting virtual games or quite simply a cartoon film, animation is gaining its ground in the global entertainment industry. And is growing at an animated speed!!

Superheros like Chota Bheem have fascinated children and movies like Baahubali has bought Indian animation into focus. Movies like Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age, Avengers etc. are a rage among children and adults alike thus making the animation industry popular like never before.

A recent joint report prepared by KPMG and FICCI suggests that the animation and VFX industry in India has grown by 16.4% in 2017 since the last year. It also suggests that the animation business has become a 59.5 billion industry today and suggests that 85% of this growth is because of outsourced projects from the television and film sectors. IBEF suggests that the Indian media and entertainment (M&E) industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.9 per cent to touch US$ 37.55 billion by 2021 from US$ 22.75 billion in 2017.The industry provides employment to 3.5-4 million people, including both direct and indirect employment in CY 2017.

Such a huge & growing industry requires thousands of skilled, trained people to work in animation studios, ad film & VFX companies, video processing & editing studios etc. and Arena Animation does just that!

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