Game Art And Design - [GAD]

Arena’s Game Art & Design course is a 4-module program designed to help students make a career in gaming. The total duration of the program is 15 months - or 576 hours.

Duration : 30 months

Those who have completed Class 10th / SSLC / PUC / Degree10th / sslc / PUC / Degree are eligible for this course. Passion for gaming & having an art background is an added advantage.

Introduction to Game

The first module lays the foundation for learning the basics of design & development of games. Students will learn about the history of games, various game types, game terminologies & technologies, and hardware used in the industry.

  • Introduction to Games(24 Hours)
  • Introduction to Photoshop & Flash(40 Hours)
  • Game Analysis: Centipede(4 Hours)
  • Drawing & Composition(32 Hours)
  • Total hours(100 Hours)
  • Total months (2.5 Hours)

Pre Production for Games

Students learn the art of storytelling & visualizing a concept for game designing. Documenting a game idea, writing a game development & game design document, learning to pitch for your project – are all included. Students will create their own game idea, develop it into a story, make the storyboard, design the characters, props, weapons, levels, etc. and prepare the design & development document.

  • Game Idea: Visualization & Storytelling (24 Hours)
  • Game Analysis: Tetris (4 Hours)
  • Essence of Game 1 (16 Hours)
  • Game Analysis: Loom (4 Hours)
  • Essence of Game 2 (16 Hours)
  • Game Development Documentation (16 Hours)
  • Game Design Documents (16 Hours)
  • Character Designing (24 Hours)
  • Flash-Based Game Designing (24 Hours)
  • Total hours (144 Hours)
  • Total months (3.6 Hours)

Game Production

Learn design, sketching & graphics skills.

  • Concepts of 2D Digital Animation
  • 2D Digital production process
  • Clay modeling
  • 3D modeling
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Animation principles in 3D
  • Lip Sync & Sound Synchronisation

Software taught :

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended / Adobe Flash / Maya Unlimited 2009


Students learn to design interface of games, play testing, game optimization, etc. There will also be a session on game development

  • Game Analysis: Grand Theft Auto III (4 Hours)
  • Game Interface Designing (24 Hours)
  • Play Testing (24 Hours)
  • Game Optimization(12 Hours)
  • Introduction to Game Development (8 Hours)
  • Project Report & Portfolio(40 Hours)
  • Total hours (104 Hours)
  • Total months(2.6 Hours)

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