Diploma in Animation Engineering (DAE)

Animation Diploma Course

Duration : 3 years Eligibility: SSLC / PUC / ITI

DAE –AnimationFilmMakingoffersauniqueblendofdigital and analog art skills with solid foundations in drawing, storytelling and design for animation. Skills in audio and video production and cinematography gives you an understanding of the creative and technical processes involved. It emphasizes on teaching the students to integrate the processes of 2D and 3D right from ideation to execution.

With the Indian animation &VFx industry poised for a staggering growth, Arena Animation has introduced Trinity Program – the most premium program designed to equip students with advanced skills in Animation, VFx and Gaming. It allows students to be mentored by the masters in animation, VFx and 3D Game Design. With the hands on training, this program will maximize the job opportunities and make you a cutting edge creative professional.


  • Animation Drawing & Design Fundamentals
  • Anatomy Drawing

  • Body Language & Expressions
  • Light, Colour & Perspectives
  • Animation principles & Concepts
  • Process of Animation

  • Timing for Animation

  • Stop Motion Animation

  • Magic with Photoshop
  • Storytelling Techniques
  • Scriptwriting for Animation
  • Character Design & Development
  • Acting and Voice Characterization
  • Storyboarding for Animation
  • Basics of Video Editing


    Semester 2:
  • 2D Classical Animation Production
  • Concepts of 2D, Cel& Digital animation
  • Keyframing, Inbetweening& Cleanups
  • Digital Ink & Paint

  • Animation Scene Planning
  • 2D Animation Post Production
  • Showreel Development


  • 3D Animation &Production Process
  • Clay Modeling

  • Modeling with Maya

  • Advanced Modeling

  • Texturing with Maya

  • Rigging with Maya

  • Character Animation with Maya
  • Lighting & Rendering with Maya



  • Post Production & Animation Specialization
  • 3D Dynamics – Hair, Fur & Cloth Concepts of Visual Effects
  • Introduction to Motion Capture for Animation
  • Post Production for Animation
  • Show-reel Development


  • Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
  • Web Designing Concepts
  • UI / UX for Responsive Design
  • Typography Design
  • Illustrations for Web
  • Layout Design
  • Web Animation using Animate CC
  • Building Next Generation Websites
  • Web Design Portfolio

Duration:7 month



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